Friends and Canines provide tasty natural dog treats to any uk address and this is our weekly tails from HQ

This week’s tails is from friend of the team, Dash

Hi! I’m Dash! My sister Hattie wrote a big a few weeks ago so I thought it was my turn!

I’m from Romania too but didn’t get rescued as young as Hattie so I’ve got a few old injuries – I’ve only got a tiny, broken stump for a tail but my mum says she loves it because it shows how brave I am.

I’ve got a photo of me in the shelter in Romania so you can see I was ever so skinny.

I’m a bit of a cuddle monster to be honest, I’d far rather have a snuggle than play with Hattie. She likes playing though so I usually join in. Did you know that I can fit her whole head in my mouth?

I also love big, long walks where I can really stretch my legs and show that I really am a proper sighthound. My best trick us running off out of sight as fast as possible then popping back up from the most unexpected direction I can think of!

I really like all the big chews Auntie Sarah from friends and canines brings because of my enormous mouth. Things like hairy cows ears – yum!

Me and Hattie are still friends with the people who rescued us both in the UK and in Romania. They’re raising money to bring some more dogs over to brilliant homes like we’ve got – have a look!

Thanks for reading, love Dash xx

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