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Hi, I’m Sarah, creator of Friends and Canines and self-confessed dog addict.

I’ve always been surrounded by wet noses and waggy tails, but it was one small bundle of fur that really kickstarted my interest in canine nutrition and showed me that natural treats and a complete change in what I was feeding my pooch pal helped me on my journey towards starting my business.

Following a heap of research and the support of other experts in the field, I found that a natural, preservative-free doggy diet helped transform Harvey from a straggly, underweight and subdued pup into the lively, vibrant and into everything dog he is today – and this is something I want to share with other dog owners so they can rest easy knowing they are giving their four-legged family member the very best.


Fast forward a few years, and I’d gained a qualification in canine nutrition that really showed me the way when it came to a natural diet which has in turn led to the selection of natural dog treats you see on my website today.

Supported by my pack of oh-so-willing doggy taste testers that are a real mixed bag of breeds, ages and personalities, we want to help other beloved pooches stay happy and healthy with our array of tempting treats that aren’t just drool-worthy, but also offer the nutritional benefits that processed dog treats lack.

So if you have a poorly pooch with a delicate tummy or an ageing best friend that deserves to be spoilt, get in touch to discuss their individual likes and needs and I’ll be happy to recommend some of our high-quality, preservative and chemical-free treats that will really get their tails wagging!

Meet The Tasting Team



"Dozy Doughnut"

Border Collie

Age: 13

Likes: Playing football

Dislikes: Baths!!

Favourite Treat: Furry Rabbit Pelt





Age: 10

Likes: Food and sleeping

Dislikes: Moving off the sofa!

Favourite Treat: Beef Muscle



"Team Clown"

Border Collie

Age: 9

Likes: Playing catch and agility

Dislikes: Hot weather

Favourite Treat: Moon Bone



"Yappiest Dog"

Cavalier King Charles

Age: 8

Likes: Sitting by the fire, biscuits

Dislikes: Getting wet

Favourite Treat: Big Beef Biscuit



"Cuddly Bear"


Age: 8

Likes: Cuddles

Dislikes: ppl thinking he’s scary

Favourite Treat: Flat Pig’s Stomach





Border Collie 

Age: 4

Likes: Being bossy and biting noses

Dislikes: Not getting my way!!

Favourite Treat: Changes daily, I am a princess after all



"Puppy Dawg"

Standard Poodle

Age: 5 months

Likes: Playing chase

Dislikes: Boredom

Favourite Treat: Beef Stick



Soul Mate

Rottweiler/cocker spaniel
(is that a rocker or a cockweiler!)

Barney was one of a kind, he was marmite, but he was my marmite! Barney was loved by so many.

He dragged me out of just walking a dog into the whole crazy, sociable, dog training world!

And then into wanting the best for my dogs,and I started a business based around them.

How my dogs have changed my life for the better from Friends and Canines


Best Dog Ever

Cavalier King Charles

Jasper was my first ever dog of my own, and from day one he was the best.

Never moaned, cried, or yapped, just the best, calm dog you could ever hope for.

He was friendly with everyone and everything including my cat Molly.

And Jasp was amazing with all the dogs that came into our lives. He loved and mentored them, from the crazy collie pup, the older, bigger rotties to the scared fosters, nothing fazed Jasper, he knew exactly what to do.

Amazing products, good prices and excellent service. Sarah is very passionate about what she sells and clearly loves animals. Can’t recommend highly enough, been tempted to try a couple of the treats myself!


I wanted a variety of natural treats for my dogs, without having to trawl round lots of shops or buying in huge quantities.I love that I can buy individual chews and have them delivered quickly to my door


The perfect treats for my 14 week Puppy! I cannot recommend Sarah enough, very helpful, fast delivery and will continue to tell anyone I know with a dog or puppy yo give them a try.


My dog Rosie recall is amazing when she knows I have your treats in my pocket, they really get her interest and attention.


Ordered the puppy box yesterday and was very impressed that it arrived today. Great service and a very speedy delivery. Moose loves everything that is put together for him.


Best Natural Dog Treat Company 2021- UK in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2021
Dog Treat Company of the Year- Manchester & Northwest England (Staffordshire)
Friends and Canines Natural Dog Treat Company of the Year
Dog Treat Company of the Year- Central England

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