Welcome to this weeks Tails from HQ

Harvey here, crazy noisy collie of the Friends and Canines team

So how did I come to be in the F+C team?

Well I was brought on a day out in Wales by a family with very small children, and as a collie pup I was quite nippy

So I was passed onto their relative, who was elderly and in a wheelchair so, this didn’t work out and I was stuck in the muddy garden for a couple of weeks

Luckily Mum and a friend came to visit me and took me home to my brothers, I only had two then, but more on that later

I soon got to meet lots of human and dog friends who I loved, and went to Dogskool I loved it here as a pup, I did puppy and recall classes, so much so I still go but in the agility class now, I love the trainer so much I hug her at least once a lesson, and do victory laps

Due to some distance thing, my classes have been postponed, but I am so happy that some school lessons have started again, I love my agility!! Not that I need teaching where to go, its Mum that gets lost!!!!

The class is extra limited in numbers and only outside at the moment, erm us collies work at distance anyway?? Only my silly spaniel brothers that need to run by mummy’s side!!

So agility is me having fun jumping, running, going through tunnels and going over things, no idea why mum has problems she just goes round these things!!

So Mum is moaning if it’s raining, she doesn’t want to go!! I’ve told her rain won’t hurt her?!! I’m just happy I can go and I love the rain!!!

I love the running and jumping but hate doing the same routine over, unless its playing catch and fetch I will do that all day!! Mum brought me a machine to apparently throw my ball but I am not sold!!!! I need my mum to give me attention and interaction!! Anyone else pawrents tried any gadgets to distract them? Let me know!

My other favourite things are our group walks, mum invites all kinds of dogs to meet us for a walk, omg we have big, little, hairy, bald, fluffy, crazy, adopted, and even normal dog’s turn up!! I love them all, I take it upon myself to show them where to go, mum says I’m too noisy but I am the tour guide…. everyone follows me!!!!

And treats, well I do not perform for anything I need premium treats, so my favourites are the chicken hearts

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P.S. we are looking for guest repawtors to give us stories on what our other poochie pals have been up to, email us your story and pictures to woof@friendsandcanines.co.uk

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