Who doesn’t love to get a surprise occasionally? What about if it was once a month? But not for you but for your beloved dog. Surely seeing the happiness and excitement on their face is what we live for?

Why not try the Friends and Canines subscription box, how is it unique from other dog subscription boxes and what exactly do you get?

What does the Friends and Canines Dog subscription box contain?

As a natural dog treat company our boxes only contain natural dog chews and treats. We do not pack it out with toys, accessories, and other gimmicks that you may not want or use.

The amount and type of chews and treats is completely up to you, you specify if you want all chews, some treats, lots of treats, etc. And yes you can change this at any time.

How is the box tailored to your dog to make it unique?

Just tell me about your dog, any likes, dislikes, favourites, or allergies, are all taken into consideration when packing your dog’s subscription box.

As a small company, all the subscription boxes are packed by me, Sarah, and are unique to your dog, there is no mass box packing, each and every subscription box is tailored to your individual dog.

What if I have more than one dog?

As a multi-dog household myself, I know the problems too!

But it is no problem for your dog subscription box, we cater to all sizes, ages, and breeds of dogs, so can mix and match the box to everyone’s likes and dislikes. Just message me with them and we can work it out.

When is the dog subscription box sent?

Your box is sent as soon as possible after your payment has been taken unless you tell me otherwise.

We do not dispatch on weekends, Bank Holidays, and occasionally I do take a week off although I do try you warn you of my holidays.

What happens if I am on holiday on my subscription date?

Just let me know if you are on holiday and I can move your dog subscription box dispatch date earlier or later to suit you.

Maybe you are taking your dog on holiday with you and want to take the goodies with you, yes I can send it early, and maybe you need more treats just for one month only, yes no probs.

Or do you need an extra top-up to take with you, yes this can be arranged.

Can I change my subscription box?

Yes, of course, the dog subscription box is very flexible, you can change the date, cost of the dog subscription box, contents, amount of chews and treats, and/or type of chews/treats and even skip a month.

Who are Friends and Canines?

Hi, I’m Sarah, founder, owner, daily dog slave, and self-confessed crazy dog lady!

I love my dogs and have had lots of different breeds, pedigrees, crossbreeds, puppies, rescues, and rehomes.

Yes, I am a soft touch for canines, and they gave me the idea and passion to set up my business to give a choice of the best natural dog treats and chews, as it was all a bit boring, or full of chemicals and nasties.

If you have any questions about which natural treats or chews to give your dog, or anything else, then just drop an email to [email protected]

Sarah and pooch's | Friends and Canines
Sarah and pooch’s | Friends and Canines

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