Rabbit Pate Tube


Rabbit Pate Tube is a fab, ready-to-go training aid

This is perfect to take or walks or training classes, it is in a squeezy tube with a screw-on lid so easily saved for your next session.

Use-by is approx 3 weeks once opened, please refrigerate once opened when not using. 6 months unopened.

Rabbit Pate Tube has no added salt or sugars.

So better for your dog than the squeezy cheeses commonly used.

Also suitable for cats and any other meat-eating animals

Note tube may have a picture of a dog or cat on!

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Rabbit Pate Tube is a fab, ready-to-go training aid, in a 90g tube

Ingredients:Meat and animal by-products (inc Rabbit min 18%) potato starch, fish oil, carrot fibre, modified starch

Constituents: Moisture 81.6%, Protein 6.8%, Fat 3.8%, fibre 1.0%, Ash 0.91%

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