Eater treats for dogs

4 alternative Easter treats for dogs

As we sit there scoffing ourselves silly with chocolate eggs, we might feel guilt that we haven’t thought about getting any Easter treats for dogs in for our four-legged friends.

Although you might be drawn in by their mournful expressions, don’t give in and give them any of the delicious things we traditionally enjoy at this time of the year thinking that just a little surely won’t hurt as chocolate, raisins in hot cross buns and a number of other sweet treats for us humans could end up in an expensive trip to the vets.

Instead, why not try these four alternative Easter treats for dogs that are either super simple to whip up in your kitchen at home or can be ordered from Friends and Canines for an Easter treat that will keep your pooch happy and healthy.

Dog Cross Bun Cookies

We all know just how dangerous raisins can be for our dogs, but if you want to provide them with a safe and scrummy alternative to the hot cross bun then this recipe is ideal!

Pretty straight forward to make and not requiring any ingredients that you wouldn’t find in the typical kitchen cupboard, the addition of cinnamon will get those tails wagging and make your home smell divine!

Click here to check out the recipe.

Carrot-Apple Bunnies

If your doggy best friend could use a little fruit and veg in their diets, then these super cute carrot-apple bunny treats again uses store cupboard staples and allows you to get some use out of any silicone trays you have knocking about.

If you don’t have any silicone trays to hand, this alternative treats for dogs recipe works just as well in a shallow pan or baking tray, so feel free to experiment with whatever you have available (I promise your pooch won’t mind!)

Carob gummy treats

If you are a little more adventurous in the kitchen and have already mastered bone broth, then with a few additional ingredients you can knock up some amazing carob gummy treats that can be popped in the fridge and given as alternative Easter treats for dogs over a few days.

Silicone moulds are ideal for this recipe, so head into town to see what Easter inspired moulds you can find.

Natural dog treats

If your pushed for time or just don’t want to spend your Easter tied to the cooker, then ordering your dog some alternative Easter treats is the way to go.

From natural rabbit ear treats to keep them entertained while you enjoy an Easter egg (or two!) to some Good Friday fishy treats with our new mega fish bar for healthy joints and a shiny coat, make this Easter fun for the whole family with our amazing array of natural dog treats.

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