natural treats for dogs

Why natural treats for dogs?

So why do I believe natural treats for dogs are best?

Ok so the odd supermarket biscuit won’t kill your dog, but they aren’t the best. The number of chemicals, preservatives, animal derivatives, and other random ingredients in some dog treats are not good and can cause health problems long term.

Have you ever read the ingredients list on a standard dog treat packet? Many have colourings, chemicals, artificial flavourings, and sugar added to make them appealing to both dogs and those buying them.

But added sugar & flavourings to make the dog like the treat? Eekk!! And just like children, added sugar and e-numbers, can just make them that little bit hyper, and maybe a little naughty?

And let’s face it the dog doesn’t care if it’s a pretty shape or colour, that is definitely for the human’s benefit.

We all enjoy a takeaway and a little sneaky treat, but have you seen the documentary where the man lives on fast food takeaways instead of a regular diet? & the impact on his body!

So yes best to limit “junk food” for you and your dog, and even natural treats should be included and thought about in your dog’s allowance.

My dog’s are fed a raw meat diet, but more about that in another blog!! If anyone wants to chat raw dog food, please do message or call me, it’s one of my favourite subjects

What about rawhide?

There is no rawhide in any of our treats or indeed on our site!

But why? Check out these links to see what is posted about rawhide

And this Facebook video by Dr Karen Becker is definitely one to watch about how rawhide is made

So which natural treats for small dogs?

So I have 2 Cavalier King Charles, one is 12 years old, one 5 years old, then we have a puppy (although she’s not that small already!) and my mum has a small cross breed so I can understand smaller dogs needed smaller treats. If they tend to try to gobble treats down go for longer treats like the veal strips, gentler chewers I would recommend the chicken feet or buffalo jerky

Natural treats for strong chewers

There are loads of natural dog chews for big dogs, or strong chewers too!! I also have a rottie cross, and 2 older collies (plus pup) yes crazy dog lady, I know!! But their favourites are the beef muscle, trachea, and buffalo ears

Whatever size, breed, cross or particular likes of your dog let’s have a chat and I can help you find the best treats for YOUR dog, remember your dog is an individual, so just get what they like

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