Top 10 Woofmas Tips

Our Top 10 Woofmas Tips

Please see our quick guide of our Top 10 Woofmas Tips This Christmas

Keep unsafe food out of reach these include

  • Cooked bones, make sure the turkey carcass is securely disposed of
  • Alcohol (remember creamy drinks like Baileys can be extra tempting to dogs and cats)
  • Some nuts including macadamia or black walnuts, as both can cause problems.
  • Goodies including chocolate, raisins, cakes can be dangerous for dogs
  • Whilst it is nice to let them have a turkey dinner, remember too much can upset their tummy and is not good for the waistline

Other top tips include

  • Make sure visitors don’t leave doors open, consider a temporary baby gate by the door or a note on the door to remind guests to double-check where the dog is before opening the door
  • Make a safe area for the dog while you are eating if guests will be tempted to feed or they will be tempted to steal food
  • Remember there will extra distractions around
  • Make a snuffle box for an easy distraction, entertainment and fun game for your dog
  • Don’t forget to give your dog space from the craziness, and the exercise they need

Please use Top 10 Woofmas Tips to keep your dogs safe, happy and healthy and add your tips below

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