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Tails From HQ – Puppy Tails

Hey everyone! We are starting a new weekly blog, Tails from HQ to share the fun and games at Friend and Canines Natural Dog Treats

Hi, my name is Rebel, I’m a border collie puppy, I am 19 weeks old and I have been part of the Friends and Canines team for 9 weeks now!! So what have I learnt so far?

The quickest way to wake up Mum and my brothers is by biting their noses! They always want to lie in bed in the morning when I want to get up and play!! It’s a new day, who knows what mischief I can make today!

I have found a whole room full of treats! I am unsure why we put them into boxes and then they leave our house? I could eat them all! Mum says they are for other lucky pooches, but I am not sure they should leave before I have nibbled them to make sure they are top yum yums?? P.S. I don’t apologise for any nibbled treats!!!!

When I joined Friends and Canines, I got an amazingly pretty handmade custom collar from Kim who runs Leo Charley and Me. Because I am a princess it has love hearts all over it, so please go take a look at her page! She posts her products out all over the UK so no-one is left out and she has lots of choices for boys or girls! My big bro Barney has a tweed collar from them too!

Also, I got a fab lead by Grippy Leads to show mum where to go, these are amazing multi-loop leads so it doesn’t hurt her hand and no more wrapping the lead around her hand (ouch) or and I can pull her close when I want to cross the road. Mum says she loves them, but I’m just happy to go for a walk!

I’m pretty spoilt for treats (shhh don’t tell mum or my brothers but I am hiding them!!!) You never know when you need a snack, right? But so far my favs are furry rabbit ears, buffalo jerky and sneaky sausages!!! I would share my hiding place, but need find it again first! I am only little and sometimes forget where I’ve hidden my secret stash!

I have been busy making some new friends this week and they all seem lovely. Some of them are sure funny looking and make some strange noises! Mum says we’re social distancing, not sure what that is but I have been enjoying going out for playdates this last week and sharing their treats. Mum says I can start going out more soon so I am very excited!!

Also I got myself a pet called him Percy. I put him in my bed, but mum says he wasn’t allowed to stay inside so he lives in the tree now and I get to see him daily and we have fun in the garden.

My big bro Harvey says I’m off to school soon, whatever that is! Eekkk paws crossed for me, I hope it involves treats and cuddles, I will repawt back soon!!!

P.S. we are looking for guest repawtors to give us stories on what my other poochie pals have been up to, so drop us a message and I will get my big bro’s to read it to me.

And if you want any yummy treats my mum is the best, she says you just click here and you can browse our super 100% natural dog treats! I’m not allowed on the ‘puter yet. Jasper, my biggest brother is in charge of the mouse, ooh I must tell him click for extra treats for me!

Lots of Love & Licks, Rebel xxxx

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