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Tails from HQ – Hattie’s Tail

Yappy Humpday! This weeks’ Tails from HQ comes from our friend Hattie!

Hi! My name’s Hattie. I’m really lucky because not only do I regularly get lots of Friends and Canines treats, but I’m friends with the gang (still not sure about Rebel – I don’t really approve of puppies!)

First, here’s a bit about me…

I was born in Romania and didn’t have a home, then I got caught when I was still small and put into a cage with lots of other dogs. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I got saved by a lovely lady who looked after me and arranged for me to come to England to find a family of my own – and here I am!

My favourite things in the world are my humans, my food, rolling in lovely smelly things, digging and running really fast in places I’m not supposed to be (for example the golf course, other people’s gardens, the allotments near my house… shh, don’t tell anyone about that one!)

I love all the treats from Friends and Canines but I think my favourites are pork rolls because they’re crunchy and chewy and last aaaages.

In my house, I live with Mum and Dad, my 2 skin brothers and my fur brother Dash. And 2 cats. Pffft!

I try to scare the cats away because they like to hide in places I can’t reach to make me bark and squeak. Once I tried to chase one in the garden, but it turned around and started to walk towards me! I was terrified, I mean have you seen the sharp claws on those things??!! So I ran away screaming and hid under the table – you can’t be too careful.

Hope you like my photos! No ear jokes please..

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P.S. we are looking for guest repawtors to give us stories on what our other poochie pals have been up to, so drop us a message

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