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How to help sickness and diarrhoea in dogs

There is a sickness and diarrhoea bug doing the rounds so I thought we should investigate what we can do to help our dogs.

Firstly keeping your dog as fit and healthy as possible and a fresh healthy diet will help. A healthy gut (both in animals and humans) goes a long way in overall health, not only digestion but many skin complaints and more.

I personally choose a raw meat diet for mine, as it is natural and not pumped full of chemicals, preservatives, and nasties. But I know this isn’t for everyone, but remember whatever you feed, overfeeding and overweight dogs is a cause of a lot of health problems. It can be simple: if they are putting on weight feed less, too skinny, feed a bit more (with the exception of puppies they need extra fuel for the growth spurt) also any abnormalities consult a veterinary professional

Also think about healthy additions you can add to your dog’s diet, pre and pro-biotics are fab: some prebiotics are green tripe, pumpkin seeds, natural (unsweetened) yogurt, bananas, green vegs, turmeric, garlic, blueberries. Some probiotics include raw goat’s milk, kefir, fermented veggies.

Please see other suggestions here for healthy additions to your dog’s bowl.

We also love slippery elm that can help with upset tummies (available from your local health food shop or Amazon but pls try to support small shops 😉 ) This is fab for the pupster and hoomans too.

See here for more info: Benefits of slippery elm

But what else can help your dog’s health? Natural treats obviously we love!! But also natural treatments, colloidal silver is great for cuts, scrapes, weepy eyes but could also help with respiratory and bacterial problems.

In particular, colloidal silver is going to be of help when diarrhoea is caused by microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It isn’t going to provide any source of fibre or nutrition. So if your diarrhoea is caused by a high fibre diet or unbalanced nutrition, you aren’t going to get any relief from this. Bacteria, fungi and viruses are causes of diarrhoea and this is where colloidal silver shines, especially when it comes to bacterial causes.

You can add a capful to your dog’s bowl daily as an immune boost, or give directly on food or in the mouth if they are under the weather.

We are looking to introduce a larger bottle to be more cost-effective, use to add to bowl or refill an existing spray bottle, please let me know if this would be of interest.

See our range of colloidal silver

Although we can not stop sickness and diarrhoea in dogs, hopefully, the above tips will shorten the time length of the bug

We love to hear your suggestions, drop a comment below or message us 🙂

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