Natural Dog Treats

New Natural Dog Treats

We are constantly trying to add new and exciting, 100% natural dog treats to our range so no matter what size your dog is, we have something that will be drool-worthy for them.

We have a wide range available, in a variety of proteins (meats) and many are single protein so if your dog has allergies or intolerance, we can still provide some great snacks and treats. If your dog does have any issues, please drop us a message to check.

So what is new this week?

  • Naked Rabbit skin, a super-sized low-fat rabbit treat but without the fur
  • Pig’s Tails, yummy scrummy chews, you will be oinking mad to miss out on these!!
  • Jumbo Cow’s Tail, does your dog love our regular cow’s tail but you want a longer-lasting chew? Then these are for you

They are all in stock now, and available for immediate dispatch, See all the new treats here

Wondering if these are right for your dog? Drop us a message anytime we have email, text message and WhatsApp for questions, pictures or just for a chat

Not sure what to order, why not try a selection box? Just let us know about your dog in the special instructions box at checkout and we will tailor the box to your dog.

What else would you like to see? Please drop us a message and we will keep our noses to the ground to find these for you

Friends and Canines 100% Natural Dog Treats, have a huge variety, something for all sizes and ages of dogs, no minimum order value or quantity, posted to any UK address

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