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4 of the best natural dental treats for toothbrush shy dogs

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the aversion many dogs have to the doggy toothbrush and how natural dental treats can help reduce anxiety and help maintain good oral health (plus, they’re tasty too!)

Does your dog run for cover as soon as the dreaded doggy toothbrush makes an appearance?

Some dogs sulk for hours after their weekly run-in with the so-called beef flavoured paste that we slather on a vet bought brush in the hope that we can keep their pearly whites in tip-top condition.

Not only is this a stressful experience for our four-legged friends, but it’s not much fun for us dog owners either if the sight of the toothbrush sends your dog running!

Sadly, very few dogs enjoy having their teeth brushed. Although keeping their gnashers clean using a toothbrush is the best way of maintaining good gum and teeth health, it can often be a real challenge for us as dog owners to get them to keep still long enough for us to give their teeth a good clean.

That’s why we’ve created our list of the best natural dental treats for toothbrush shy dogs that will help improve their oral health and reduce the stress levels of their owners which brushing time rolls around.

Chickens Feet

Ideal for dogs of all breeds and size, chicken’s feet are air-dried making them perfectly safe for our canine pals.

Great for maintaining good gum health and removing particles of plaque as they much and crunch their way through these tasty morsels, chicken’s feet can be fed daily to help keep those teeth looking white and bright.

Cows Tails

If your dog prefers a treat that they can really get their teeth into, the cow’s tails are the perfect choice for medium to large breeds.

Ideal for both kibble and raw fed dogs, these long-lasting chews are great from dislodging tartar on teeth and the slender tips act in a similar way to dental floss to help clean between the gums making them the perfect natural dental treat for dogs that love a beefy snack.

Super Fish Slabs

If you’re looking for a fishy solution to toothbrush trauma, then our brand new super fishy slabs are fantastic for cleaning teeth while providing a healthy and tasty snack for your four-legged friend.

Created using 100% sustainably sourced fish skin, these treats not only help remove build-ups of plaque, but also provide a healthy hit of Omega 3 to support healthy joints, skin and brain development.

Dried Buffalo Meaty Chews

If you need a leaner, lower-fat way of keeping those teeth healthy, then buffalo meaty chews offer a high protein, low fat and long-lasting way of encouraging good oral health.

As the dog chews away, the mouth produces salvia and gradually wears down the treat removing tartar in the process, making them the perfect treat for dogs that usually gobble up shop-bought dental treats that are often filled with sugar and other nasties.

For more help and advice on the best natural dental treats for your pooch, talk to the team at Friends and Canines who will be happy to provide you with some expert advice on the best products to suit the individual needs of your furry friend.

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