New Year Resolutions

10 Pet Related New Year Resolutions

It is that time of year where everyone talks about resolutions, do you start and continue, or fail before January is over?

Why not include your pets this year, here are a few suggestions from the team at Friends and Canines, let me know if you are going to try any of them or if you have some of your own.

  1. Take more walks, maybe you have slacked with the cold, wet weather, did you know getting out is good for both you and your dog, provides mental stimulation for you both, it will strengthen that bond and release happy endorphins for your both.
  1. Take a training class, whether its a refresh, or a complete new hobby, go for it, ask friends or on dog friendly sites for ideas or if you looking for a particular class in your area, ask!! There is so much choice now, suitable for all sizes ans ages of dogs and hoomans! Please ensure any trainer only uses positive methods, check out their reviews and ask locally if anyone has had experience with them.
  1. Sort out that toy box!!!! New Year clean out, throw out any damaged toys and anything they have not played with, donate to a local dog charity, kennels, charity shop. Also sort out dog towels, coats, collars and leads.
  1. Start a donation to a charity, whether it be donating your time, many appreciate any help even if its once a month or once a week, or if you are crafty could you make things for them to sell? Or volunteer on the stall? Or could you start a monthly donation or put a collection pot at your place of work, it all adds up.
  1. Update your knowledge, did you ever complete that canine first aid course? Brought a behaviour book but never read it? Got a training dvd but never implemented the training? New Year goal to complete it, who knows you might enjoy it
  1. Always thought about that new walk but never taken it? Dogs love new walks, new sniffs, and the extra stimulation, there are great books and online sites now that list walks, all over the UK and further.
  1. Be more sociable, do you hate walking alone, or would like a chat with other crazy dog owners, look for a local meet up group, can’t find one, why not set one up?
  1. What cleaning products, candles, air fresheners are you using? Do you know you and your pets are breathing in chemicals every day, and as they sink in the air, those lower to the floor are inhaling more? Also, dogs and cats will be absorbing any chemicals on the flooring through their paws, either directly or them licking their paws. Consider switching to natural alternatives.
  1. Clear out the treat cupboard, any unopened treats can be donated to charity, why not start the new year with an all-natural approach.
  1. Be more healthy, this goes for your pets as well as you!! Stick with us, we will be doing a healthy January, quick and easy tips and lots of ideas to add freshness to your dog’s bowl

I have included a few links but please share some more suggestions

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